Mobile Dog Grooming Services in Surrey and Berkshire

Frequently Asked Questions

By keeping up with your pet’s grooming, you are safeguarding the health and happiness of your pet. Falling behind can result in matted fur and skin irritation which can lead your pet to become stressed out.

The benefits of grooming:

  • Prevents coat from matting
  • Keeps coat in good condition
  • Aids health checking
  • Brushing promotes good blood circulation
  • Reduces odour
  • Maintains a healthy coat
  • Looks nice
  • Supports active and busy lifestyle

The amount of time between grooming appointments depends on the type of breed and coat along with size and lifestyle, but we recommend all dogs to be groomed every 4-6 weeks at the minimum.

We use very mild, hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners that are safe to be used once a week.

We’ll be happy to use any preferred pet-safe or veterinarian prescribed shampoo, as long as it is designed for and safe to use on pets.

No! Our Mobile Pet Salon is fully self-contained. What is more we will not leave any waste water behind – van is equipped with a waste water tank.

No! The entire interior of the van is heated and the water used to bathe your pet is heated. So for your pets comfort (and our groomers too) they are nice and toasty! And in the warmer months, the entire van is air conditioned too!

Grooming appointments typically last anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, based on the size of the pet, coat condition, hair length, etc. (very hairy and/or large dogs understandably take longer).

With mobile grooming, your pet receives a one to one session with a single stylist (versus in a shop where they see a bather, sit in a cage dryer and then get their haircut done by a different groomer).

By having the same groomer each time your pet will take comfort in the familiarity of the groomer and become more relaxed. 1-2-1 service reduces the noise, smell and overall levels of discomfort that salon grooming brings. If your dog is sensitive he will appreciate it.

And of course we come to your home so the pup doesn’t have to be gone all day. You save your time and money, you don’t have to transport your pet anywhere, your car stays clean and your pet stays less stressed.

Yes, pets must be up-to-date on all vaccinations for their own safety and for the groomer’s safety as well.

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